Blender Store, closing and relaunch

After serving the Blender project for over twenty years, it’s time to acknowledge that running our own internet store has become too impractical and expensive. Moreover, our financial manager Anja Vugts Verstappen, who handled the store since the early days, wishes to wind down her tasks to focus more on finances and get ready for retirement in the coming years. 

For that reason we decided to close the store by the end of the year. Obviously, all 2023 orders will be shipped and serviced in the new year as expected.

In Q1 2024, we will work on re-establishing our shirts and swag business based on using a high quality outsourcing business – as most other open source foundations currently do.

Excess stock of current products will be sold on events, like Blender Conference Amsterdam next year.

On behalf of everyone, I wish to thank Anja for her tireless work on keeping the store alive for two decades. Nobody would have been doing such a great job, you have my complete admiration for that!

Ton Roosendaal
Chairman Blender Foundation