Siggraph 2012

Blender Foundation and Blender community members will be participating in Siggraph 2012 – Los Angeles. You can find us on three occasions at least:

Birds of a Feather

Sunday, August 5, 2.00 – 3.30 PM, Blender Community Meeting

Convention Center, room 402A

Ton Roosendaal wil give an overview of work done past year, including an overview of results sofar for the highly anticipated Mango & VFX project. Plans for next year will be presented too.

Everyone is welcome to attend and provide valuable feedback.
Sunday, August 5, 3.30 – 5.00 PM, Blender Artist/Developer Showcase

Convention Center, room 402A

We will begin with showing sneak peeks of the Mango Open Movie project, some of the artwork and project files. Then a selection of artists and developers will give short presentations or demos of work they’ve done. Usually we also do tutorials about various Blender topics.

If you’re interested to present your work, contact Ton Roosendaal.


Tuesday August 7 – Thursday August 9: Blender exhibit

Convention Center, main hall, booth 212

Here you will find Blender artists and developers and Ton Roosendaal for three days. Drop by if you like to see the latest in Blender, or just to hang-out and chat with other Blender folks.

There’s a number of free tradeshow-only passes available. contact Ton Roosendaal if you like to recieve one. Also booth crew (experienced artists who can help demoing half a day or more) are welcome!
Evening hangout

For those interested in going for drinks/food after hours; meet with us at sunday at the end of the BoF, or on tuesday/wednesday at 6 PM at the booth.