Danit Peleg – 3D Printing a Fashion Collection


By: Danit Preleg

In September 2014 I started working on my graduate collection for my Fashion Design degree at Shenkar.  This year, I decided to work with 3D printing, which I barely knew anything about. I wanted to check if it’d be possible to create an entire garment using technology accessible to anyone. So I embarked on my 3D printing journey, without really knowing what the end result would be.

The first piece I focused on was the “LIBERTE” jacket. I modeled the jacket using a software called Blender and produced 3D files; I could now start to experiment with different materials and printers.

Together with the amazing teams at TechFactoryPlus and XLN, we experimented with different printers (Makerbot, Prusa, and finally Witbox) and materials (e.g. PLA, soft PLA).

3d-print-fashion-jacketThe breakthrough came when I was introduced to FilaFlex, which is a new kind of filament; it’s strong, yet very flexible. Using FilaFlex and the Witbox printer, I finally was able to print my red jacket.

Once I figured out how to print textiles, I was on my way to create a full collection. It would take more than 2000 hours to print (every A4-sized sheet of textile took at least 20 hours to print)  so I had to step up my printer-game, to a full fledged “3D-printing farm” at home.
I would like to thank Yaniv Gershony, a 3D designer who volunteered to help me throughout the past 9 months.  He took my designs and transformed the to 3D models. He’s extremely talented and an expert Blender user. Here’s his website: https://yanivg.carbonmade.com/

And we used the following Blender add-ons during the process: Export paper model, Sverchok, Mesh lint, Booltool.