Video Retouching – by Sebastian Koenig

Sebastian König – Leipzig, Germany – Blender Freelancer skilled in 3d printing, visualization, matchmoving & compositing.

I am a Blender freelancer from Leipzig (Germany), I work at 3D Zentrale[1], focusing on different areas.

My main tool is Blender, which I use for almost all my work. I do modeling for 3d printing and visualization, as well as matchmoving and compositing.

Being a Blender Foundation Certified Trainer I also do training, for beginners and advanced users, for universities, private students as well as companies. I have given courses all over the world, in Amsterdam, Sofia, Brasil, Leipzig and other places.

I have worked for the Blender Foundation’s recent Open Movie “Tears of Steel”[2] as matchmoving and compositing artist.

One of Sebastian’s recent project’s which involved Blender was for video retouching:

“I recently did a breakdown vfx shot for the German TV Station MDR[3]. They needed to have a photo exchanged in one shot from a documentary about Roland Freisler[4]:

Kay Dombrowsky from was doing the color grading for the whole series on his DaVinciResolve, and since we share the same office space he asked me to do this little shot[5].

Everything was done in Blender. First I did a quick 2 point track of the original photo. I combined that with a few hooks, which I then hand animated to get the deformation of the photo right. Masking and fake shadows were done in Blender’s MovieClipEditor. Feathering could be better at some points, but for the time and budget I think all in all it turned out pretty good.”

Node compositing layout.

You can see Sebastian Konig’s BlenderNework profile here:[6]

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