Getting Started

Introduction for Beginners

This tutorial series is aimed at the absolute beginner and takes you through everything from downloading and installing to modeling to lighting to render.

Beginners Course

A HUGE collection of video tutorials aimed at helping new users wrap their head around the basics of Blender.

Making the Switch from Maya

Covers the basics of Blender from a Maya users perspective. Aims to smooth the transition for any Maya artists looking to use Blender in substitution or addition of their current workflow.


Create a Fancy Watch

Jahnu Best explains how to model, apply materials and light this scene of a fancy watch.

All Blender Modifiers Explained

Frederik Steinmetz explains all generate and deform modifiers available in Blender in short video tutorials.

An Underground Subway Scene

In this tutorial, Andrew Price shows how to model a underground subway tunnel in Blender 2.5.

Modelling with Curves

Discover how to use curves to trace a logo and create a finished beveled object.

Create a Realistic Human Head

This video tutorial series gives you a full overview of the process used to create a realistic human head in Blender.

Modeling a Building

This Blender 2.5 modeling tutorial shows you the basics of modeling a entire building exterior from photo references.

Modeling a Human Head Base Mesh

In this Blender 2.5 video tutorial you are shown how to model a human head basemesh that can easily be used as a starting point for sculpting.

Mesh Topology Overview

Collection of videos to understand mesh topology for modeling.

Shading & Textures

Introduction to Texturing in Cycles

Discover how to add textures and properly map them using the Cycles rendering engine.

Create a Realistic Earth

Discover how to create a realistic earth using textures from NASA and combining them together with material nodes.

Randomizing Leaf Color

In this quick tip Kent Trammel shows you how a single material with a single texture can be used for several separate leaf objects, while still maintaining the ability to vary the color of each leaf.

Fake Absorption in Cycles

Fake absorption in Cycles even without a volumetric shader.

Lighting & Rendering

Introduction to Cycles

Discover the difference between the old internal rendering engine and the new Cycles rendering engine.

Rendering a Sports Car in Cycles

Discover how to render a gorgeous sports car using the Cycles rendering engine built into Blender.

Rendering an Interior Scene with Cycles

Discover how to light, texture and render this scene using the Cycles rendering.

Particle Trail with Cycles

Render particles using the particle info node and learn how to adjust the lighting using the light path node.

Lighting tips from the Masters

The ultimate guide to understanding how lighting works in Blender. Explains everything from basic 3-point lighting setups to complex hollywood style lighting rigs.


Introduction to Compositing in Blender

This course will take you through all the basics of using and understanding compositing in Blender with the node system.

Introduction to the Compositor

Discover what the compositor is and how to use it to improve your image.

Old Film Look in Blender

Using particle systems and the Blender compositor any video can get the look of old film.

Compositing Cycles Render Passes

Learn how to composite Cycles render passes in Blender for utmost control of your scene.


Crash Course Blender Armatures

Rigging master Lee Salvemini gives a rapid fire crash course in using Armatures in Blender 2.5.

Rigging a Piston

This tutorials shows how to rig a mechanical piston for automatic deformation and easy animating.

Create a Bouncy Ball Rig

Learn how to create a basic rig to control the squash and stretch of a sphere as it is bouncing.

Bow and Arrow Rigging

Learn how to rig and animate a bow using IK and Limit Distance constraints in Blender 2.6.


Intro to Animation in Blender

This tutorial gives an overview of the animation tools used in the new Blender 2.5.

Dynamics & Simulation

Dissolve your Logo in Blender

Discover how to dissolve your logo in Blender 2.6 using particles and the remesh modifier.

Photorealistic Fruit Splash

Discover how to drop fruit into a tank of water, using Blender’s fluid simulator, then render it using the Cycles rendering engine.

Explosions in Blender

Learn how to make a great looking explosion using Blender’s smoke simulator and particle systems!

Create a Tornado in Blender

The process needed to create a destructive tornado with Blender’s smoke simulator and particles, complete with flying debris.

Introduction to Fluid Particles in Blender

In this Blender 2.5 tutorial you are given an introduction to Blender’s SPH fluid particle system. This tutorial covers creating the fluids, collisions, and more.

Automatic Watercolor Paint

Utilizing the Dynamic Paint system in Blender, objects can be automatically filled with watercolor-style paint.

Modeling with the Cloth Simulation

Discover how you can harness the power of cloth dynamics to model the different layers of a theater curtain.

A cool looking Inkdrop in Blender

Discover how to create an ink in water effect using the Blender smoke simulator.

Fracturing Complex Objects

Ever get some nasty results from cell fracturing an object? Find out why that happens, and how to edit topology to get clean results the first time.

Animating a Car Crash

Jonathan Lampel shows you how to animate a car crash in Blender using physics and cell fracture for flying debris.

Motion Tracking

Intro to Camera Tracking

A complete introduction on camera tracking in Blender.

Object Tracking Overview

Sebastian Koenig gives an introduction to the new feature in blender that allows you to track objects for use in 3d.

Sin City Look for Videos in Blender

Learn how to apply the Sin City or spot color look to videos using tracking, masking and compositing in Blender.

Blast Effect from Inception

Learn physics in the new Blender, camera tracking, animation and more in this tutorial.

Game Engine

Simple Character in the Game Engine

In this Blender Video Game Engine Tutorial, I cover setting up gravity dynamics, boxes that can be pushed around with Eddie, a “pushing” pose that Eddie goes into while doing the pushing (a “near” sensor).

Environment Animation in Blender

This tutorial goes through techniques to rig and animate props and environment objects that you need full control over.

Python Scripting in the Game Engine

Learn the basics of using Python scripting with the game engine in Blender 2.6 by creating a simple script to make a vehicle gain speed and stop.

Bow and Arrow in the Game Engine

Learn how to shoot arrows at speeds based on how far you draw the bow back, and have those arrows stick to whatever they hit.