Blender 2.83 Release

The third and final update of the Blender 2.8 series is here! Blender 2.83 further refines the groundbreaking improvements of the previous versions and delivers more exciting features.

This release focuses on performance improvements – faster undo, higher performance for the Grease Pencil toolset, and adaptive sampling in the Cycles render engine – enabling artists to increase the complexity of their scenes. It also delivers brand-new sculpting tools such as the physics-enabled Cloth Brush and Face Sets. The Nvidia RTX AI-accelerated denoiser is now available in the viewport, greatly speeding up render previews. For a full list of updates, check the release notes at

Long Term Support

In a remarkable milestone for Blender development, Blender 2.83 will be the software’s first LTS (Long Term Support) release. Intended to ensure that major projects can be completed using a stable version of Blender, LTS releases will continue to receive critical fixes for a two-year period.

This is a pilot project started by the Blender Foundation. More information is available at the Blender Developers blog. Future 2.83 updates will be available at the page.

Growing Community

This release has been made possible by the fantastic community of contributors and developers on This includes artists making demos, people submitting bug reports, and over 4,200 individuals and companies who joined the Development Fund.

Despite the past few months being historically challenging, support for Blender has grown consistently, confirming that the mission of the software is more relevant than ever: to provide the freedom to create. Thank you for being part of this journey.

Amsterdam, 2020-06-03
Francesco Siddi