Taking a break to recover

A short note from the Blender Foundation chairman:

For the month of March I am on sick leave, so won’t be able to work much. I’m scheduled for a full recovery in April but the doctors will want to keep me around for frequent checkups for three or four more months. That means I will be able to work, but I won’t be able to travel… No FMX, no Annecy and worst of all… no Los Angeles Blender Conference for me!

That’s the reason I share this news, my health is going to be fine but it impacts my work – so to prevent speculations I would like to share a bit more info with you.

Last week Monday night I was hospitalized with an acute immune system failure. It was critical and severe but quickly fixed up and diagnosed to be excellently treatable with common medicines. Because of my weak immune system I’m confined to a special over pressured area in the hospital, to prevent germs or viruses from reaching me. Basically it’s the safest place in Amsterdam now!

Last week I migrated all Blender Foundation/Institute operational tasks to Francesco Siddi. He will take over ongoing projects and communication for me until I’m back in April. I would appreciate it if everyone would respect my rest for this month. I can’t handle thousands of good health mails or personal messages now! Social media will do fine :) I know you care!

For the time being, the LA Blender Conference preparations continue swiftly. The conference is in June, so we have time to review options. Of course we will follow the official USA government policies for events like this. We’ll keep you posted.

Amsterdam, March 5 2020
Ton Roosendaal.