Siggraph Sandbox, Apricot Game presentation

Sunday August 10, Convention Center, 6-8 PM demos.

Birds of a Feather

Monday August 11, Convention Center room 501A

2-3 PM, Blender Foundation presentation and Community Meeting, led by Ton Roosendaal.

3-4 PM, Blender and NLGD Foundation, Open Source game creation with Blender

4-6 PM, Open Movie/Game presentation, Artist Showcase (meet with Peach team, and many more Blender artists)

Tradeshow exhibit, at HP booth

Tuesday August 12 – Thursday August 14

We have a large display and demo pod on the booth of our HP friends. This will also be our permanent hangout… expect to find Ton Roosendaal, Peach artists, Bassam Kurdali, and many others here demoing.

Big Buck Bunny at Animation Festival

Wednesday August 13, 8.30 PM – 10.15 PM

As part of the newly expanded animation festival, most of the Peach team is present to do a 90 minute making of presentation of our open movie project.

Official announcement on Siggraph website.

The artist’s showcase is always a great way to see what other people are doing with Blender. If you like to show work during the monday afternoon of the Blender Birds of Feather, contact me! (ton at blender org).
Note: Blender BoFs are free to attend, also without Siggraph tickets.

Usually we define one or two hotspots where we can meet other Blender artists/developers during and after showtime.

Meeting point during tradeshow: HP Booth.

Meeting point after 5.30 PM: outside pool + bar of Hotel Figueroa. Great Margeritas here! (just 1 block away from Conference venue)

We are planning a Blender Birds of a Feather session at the first Siggraph Asia, in Singapore, december 2008.

The BoF is being organized by Victor Yap. Contact him if you like to present artwork or development, or help organizing the BoF: renderfun at