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* Find Blender 3.3 LTS under v3.3 – Stable – LTS branch. Switch by right-clicking on the Blender entry in your library, select Properties..., open the Betas tab and select the v3.3 – Stable – LTS program.


Blender 3.3.1 LTS – October 5, 2022



  • Regression: The start frame of NLA tracks can not be negative. [T100918]
  • Cycles shows transmission in displaced shader as black. [T100914]
  • Cryptomatte layers saved incorrectly with EXR DWA compression. [T96933]
  • Cryptomatte EXR Output Bit Depth should always be 32bit. [T88049]
  • Banding-like effect in Cycles using OpenVDB volumes. [T100714]
  • Texture bake fills black when set clear texture. [T100708]
  • The eevee view model failed to load the texture, causing the model to be purple. [T57759]
  • EEVEE: Fix attributes node on Alpha Clip/Hashed materials. [rB5e372fca7c8]
  • Regression: “Copy Location” constraint doesn’t work if the control object is a vertex and we’re in edit mode. [T99141]
  • UI: Add shift-click hint to library overrides button tooltip. [rBc25181be4d8]
  • Fix: Spreadsheet row filters unimplemented for boolean type. [rBbcdb90b9618]
  • OBJ exporter does not properly export “image sequence” texture names. [T100669]
  • New 3.1+ OBJ exporter UI fields order could be improved. [T96297]
  • Some C++ importers/exporters (e.g. OBJ) reset file dialog Sort By mode. [T100887]
  • Fix: link drag search feature only works forgeometry nodes groups. [rB568265964e9]
  • Sync markers option doesn’t work when sliding keyframes with a keyboard entry. [T100851]
  • GPencil: Copy paste stroke(s) does not respect autokeying value. [T100999]
  • GLibC Compat: Add deprecated memory hooks symbols removed from 2.34. [rBbf6a9d705f1]
  • Cleanup: quiet missing-variable-declarations warning. [rBec2938c71a5]
  • Fix compilation on Linux, glibc 2.34, and CentOS libraries. [rB6143b3ab382]
  • Stereo Top/Bottom Render (Cycles) Missing Z Channel:. [T100886]
  • Incorrect strip length when timecodes are used. [T100771]
  • 3.3LTS: crash when entering sculpt mode of a wire mesh if it is a “custom object” of a bone. [T101081]
  • Regression: Blender Crashes When snap roll a bone in armature. [T101040]
  • Color picker colors drift value for some OCIO configurations. [T101000]
  • vse group strips expanding in length on cancelled movement. [T101098]
  • GPencil: Important feature request for Blender 3.3 LTS: Add new option “Forced Intersection”. [T101087]
  • Regression: VSE doesn’t interpolate Scene Strip anymore. [T100998]
  • Regression: Crash on connecting UV sphere node to transform node. [T101137]
  • Regression: Crash when left click on Point Density node. [T101001]
  • GPencil: Add frame number to Trace operator. [rBfe15766f463]
  • Regression: Tiled rendering is not applied to texture baking in 3.x onwards, causing crash on large bakes. [T100626]
  • Regression: Denoising depth pass: different result from 3.2.2 (ok) to 3.3. [T101065]
  • Add oneAPI to the ‘cycles_device’ command line argument help text. [rBa920f32]
  • obj: support importing multiple files at once. [rBdba599c8064]
  • GPencil: Allow import several SVG at time. [rB345cdf71e96]
  • C++ exporters (OBJ/Collada/USD/Alembic) do not remember the path/filename on subsequent exports. [T100797]
  • Regression: Drag and Drop seems to be broken for image files from desktop. [T100899]
  • glTF exporter: Fix crash when original texture export is packed. [rBAed9b7805]
  • glTF exporter: Fix default sheen factors. [rBA0f1e12d8]
  • glTF exporter: optimized animation size option was not saved when ‘remember export settings’. [rBA6552dc49]
  • UI Animation Render: Attribute error when running in background. [T101239]
  • glTF exporter: avoid crash when apply modifiers + shapekeys. [rBA06ad75f3]
  • Regression: baking procedural texture in more than 2048 pixels fails. [T101354]
  • Regression: Can’t save second Viewlayer as .exr. [T101365]
  • No option to restore previous trackpad behavior on Windows since multitouch support. [T97925]
  • glTF exporter: Fix color attribute export. [rBA4feb92043cbd]
  • Regression: Export UV Layout is blurry. [T101134]
  • UV editor: Console warning when hovered over tools. [T101138]
  • EEVEE: Screen Space Refraction Artefacts when the viewport is narrow and non square. [T101034]
  • Regression: Right aligned header. [T100141]
  • Moving bone to another layer doesn’t trigger a depsgraph update. [T101046]
  • Blender 3.2.1 – Animation on nodes gets bugged out when dealing with Node Groups (duplicate node names). [T101109]
  • GPencil: Active layer separation freezes blender if layer is empty. [T101317]
  • GPencil: Crash when sculpting after “bake object transform to grease pencil”. [T101370]
  • Cycles: increase min-supported driver version for Intel GPUs. [rBa6c27ea49da]
  • Regression: useless Snapping menu in the adjustment popup of Edge bevel weight operator. [T101343]
  • Fix typo and and incorrect property initialization. [rBb4e8d03e5cf]
  • Fix curves sculpting in deformed space when using Subdivide node. [rBede6c262229]
  • GPencil: framechanging does not evaluate keyframed layer transform correctly (if this would result in identity matrix). [T101164]
  • Regression: Console flooded with warnings when fluid type is Domain. [T101231]
  • GPencil: Fix unreported memory leak in Fill inverse. [rB662ba67210b]
  • Curve draw tool’s cursor depth mode use a random Z value when viewport camera is orthographic. [T101347]
  • Node editor: Add driver to socket slots list?. [T101341]
  • Fix missing Outliner updates when adding nodetrees. [rBcc8df686ad7]
  • Geometry Nodes in searching pulls nodes from other node add-ons. [T101259]
  • Regression: Screw Modifier Calculate Order is broken. [T101075]
  • New OBJ importer handles UVs incorrectly when some faces of an object don’t have UVs. [T101487]
  • Grease Pencil: New lines in Multiframe editing appear as Onion skinning overlay. [T101548]
  • Grease Pencil: Selecting strokes in Edit Mode imprecise if layer transforms are animated. [T101564]
  • Rain Test Animation demo crashes Blender 3.3. [T101559]
  • Cycles: Spurious recompiles on Metal in Blender 3.3.x on macOS 13.0. [T101598]
  • Regression: Incorrect context for running data unlink. [T101510]
  • Regression: Deleting Object in outliner with a specific filter setting crashes Blender. [T101233]