Blender Conference 2022 Recap

At long last, the Blender event of the year happened again! Things have changed quite a bit since BCON19. The incredible growth of Blender and its community have made it possible to have yet another “best Blender Conference ever”.

With over 700 attendees and almost 100 presentations spread over five parallel tracks, the amount and quality of content was unprecedented. You can enjoy all presentations on Blender’s YouTube channel or at

Conference Impressions by Greg Zaal

The new venue, Felix Meritis, proved to be a great space for most activities, and the catering for lunch and dinner was highly appreciated.

Special thanks to all attendees who provided suggestions through the feedback form! While the rating for the venue, sessions, and overall vibe of the event was very positive (check figures) there are several ideas on how to improve things further for the next edition.

Blender Conference 2022 Feedback


Special thanks to everyone who took part in the organization of the event before and while it was happening. You made this possible!

  • BCON22 Sponsors: Intel, Coreweave, Sketchfab, Render Street, Protocube, Chocofur, Comovid
  • Anja Vugst-Verstappen – Ticketing and store management
  • Andy Goralczyk, Simon Thommes and Pablo Vazquez – BCON22 artwork
  • Philipp van Ekeren – Conference booklet
  • Clement Piot – Blender logos at the entrance and Theater stage
  • Pablo Vazquez – Website experience, podcast management
  • Beau Gerbrands – Suzanne Awards identity and video processing
  • Anna Sirota – Website experience, video processing pipeline, venue screens management
  • Andy Goralczyk and Simon Thommes – Audiovisual show
  • Marit Stüvel, Pablo Fournier, Simone Eggengoor – Sponsors support, check-in desk and shop
  • Arnd Marijnissen – IT systems
  • Hannah Umit, Menno Hageman, Tess Fischer – Video processing and general support
  • Thomas Beck – Lightning talks
  • Bastien Montagne, Sergey Sharybin – Logistics and coordination
  • Jelmer de Haas – Photography
  • Daan van den Berg – Video recaps and interviews
  • Faber – Theater projection and video recordings
  • The staff and catering service of Felix Meritis
  • All of the speakers!
  • Francesco and Ton – Production
Photo booth by Jelmer de Haas

Enjoy this recap video for the event, and see you next year!