Blender 3.4 Release

Blender Foundation and the online developers community are proud to present Blender 3.4!

Blender 3.4 Splash by Blender Studio
Blender 3.4 Splash by Blender Studio

What’s New

A highlight in this release is the integration of Intel’s Open Path Guiding Library, adding support for path guiding in CPU in Cycles.

The auto-masking tools in Sculpt/Paint mode are now accessible from the 3D Viewport, and support cavity, view, and area-based auto-masking. The UV editor received several updates to existing tools as well as new operators to align UV rotation, randomize islands, support for non-uniform grid, and more.

Geometry Nodes now shows an overlay in the 3D Viewport, making it easy to debug and test parts of your node tree. Many new nodes have been added to retrieve mesh and curve data, sample UV surface, Node Group assets now show in the Add menu, and so much more.

Other improvements include a new Grease Pencil outline modifier and better Fill tool, support for PBR extensions in .mtl files, animation editors improvements, major performance speed-ups and much more.

Explore the release notes for an in-depth look at what’s new.

Blender 3.3 LTS

The latest long-term support release also received an update today, Blender 3.3.2 LTS. Learn more and download.

Another exciting milestone achieved thanks to the Blender community and the over 3000 individuals and organizations contributing to the Blender Development Fund.

Happy Blending! 

The Blender Team
December 7th, 2022