Hero – Blender Grease Pencil showcase

After a series of successful short film production focused on high-end 3D computer animation pipelines, the Blender team presents a 3 minutes short film showcasing Blender’s upcoming Grease Pencil 2.0.

Grease Pencil means 2D animation tools within a full 3D pipeline. In Blender. In Open Source. Free for everyone!

The original Grease Pencil technology has been in Blender for many years now, and it already got the attention of story artists in the animation industry worldwide. The upcoming Grease Pencil is meant to push the boundaries and allows feature quality animation production in Blender 2.8.

The Hero animation showcase is a fruit of the collaboration between Blender developers and a team of artist based in Barcelona, Spain, led by Daniel M. Lara. This is the 6th short film funded by the Blender Cloud, confirming once more the value of a financial model that combines crowdfunding of artistic and technical goals through the creation of Open Content.

The inclusion of Grease Pencil in Blender for mainstream release is part of the Blender 2.8 Code Quest, an outstanding development effort that is currently happening at the Blender headquarters in Amsterdam. The first beta of Blender 2.8 will be available in the second part of 2018.

Press Contact:
Francesco Siddi, Producer
[email protected]