SIGGRAPH Conference

24-28 July, 2016
Anaheim Convention Center
Anaheim, California, USA
Room 213 B

Each year Blender Foundation participates with two (free accessible) “Birds of a Feather” events. This year we have a room on Sunday July 24th for all afternoon.

  • Foundation and Community meeting: 2 PM
    Foundation chairman Ton Roosendaal presents past year’s achievements and plans for the coming year. Audience is welcome to actively participate!
  • Blender Spotlight: 3.30 PM
    In this ‘open stage event’, artists and developers get 5 minutes to present their work. We will prepare a good number of short presentations already but please consider to show up and get your 5 minutes of fame too!
    Contact: David Andrade, david at

Sunday evening 6-9 PM hangout: Anaheim Gardenwalk.
There are a couple of nice bar/restaurants where we can hangout informally and enjoy food. It’s unsure which one, probably the one halfway inside, on the right with a terrace (used it 3 years ago, was great place).

Blender Conference

28-31 October, 2016
Amsterdam. the Netherlands

The annual international Blender Conference is held as usual in Amsterdam, in the wonderful “De Balie” conference venue, right in the heart of the city.


Event Calendar

On this page we keep track of events where Blender Foundation or Blender Institute participate in.