Blender at SIGGRAPH 2017

Los Angeles Convention Center
Sunday July 30 – Thursday August 3

BIRDS OF A FEATHER – Sunday  2 pm – 5 pm

TRADE SHOW BOOTH – Tuesday – Thursday, 9 am – 6 pm

PAPER – Thursday 9 am “Beyond Cosmos Laundromat”, by Ton Roosendaal, Francesco Siddi.


Each year Blender participates in the international conference on graphics: SIGGRAPH. We have a number of great events, including our yearly Spotlight Series! Sign Up to Present below.

  • Foundation and Community Meeting: Sunday 2 PM
    Foundation chairman Ton Roosendaal presents past year’s achievements and plans for the coming year. Audience is welcome to actively participate! Free to attend for everyone.
  • Blender Spotlight: Sunday 3.30 PM
    In this ‘open stage event’, artists and developers get 5 minutes to present their work. We will prepare a good number of short presentations already but please consider to show up and get your 2 minutes of fame too! Free to attend for everyone.
    Hosted by David Andrade. Contact 
  • Sunday Night Free Party hosted by AMD!
    Immediately following our BOF we will be attending the free AMD Capsaicin Event. The Blender Foundation will be attending this event.
  • Blender Booth: Tuesday 9am-6pm, Wednesday 9am-6pm, Thursday 9am-3.30pm. 
    Will be hosted on the exhibit floor. Come join us and say hello! Try to hunt for free trade show tickets by asking Google. Our 100 free tickets already have gone. Or purchase one for $50…
  • Paper by Blender Institute: Thursday 9-10:30 AM. As part of the the PIPE DREAMS section, we have a paper accepted with the title “Beyond Cosmos Laundromat, Blender’s open source pipeline”. Only for people with a full conference pass.


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