It’s a Keeper

Initially released in June 2021, Blender 2.93 LTS will get continued support and fixes until June 2023.

Automatic Updates

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Notes for Steam: You can find Blender 2.93 LTS under 2.93lts branch. Switch by right-clicking on the Blender entry in your library, select Properties..., open the Betas tab and select the 2.93lts program.


LTS Release 2.93.18

  • [Blender 2.93] When bpy.ops.file.bookmark_move.poll() is called outside of the File Browser, Blender crashes. [#107384]

LTS Release 2.93.17

  • Updating the `active camera` changes viewport `local camera`s. [#106794]

LTS Release 2.93.16

  • Blender SEGV when open .blend file in blender. [#99836]
  • Regression: Crash when user opens directory instead of file on USD import. [#105160]
  • Appending a camera (with a background movie clip) will not pull in the movie clip. [#104810]
  • GPencil: Fix unreported Eyedropper color difference in Materials. [bb32f316f6f590b2f02012ccf335983436191dc3]

LTS Release 2.93.15

  • Regession: Smooth modifier with vergex group not work for negative factors. [#104176]
  • GPencil: Cutter Tool flattening caps on both sides of the stroke being trimmed. [#104243]
  • Restoring a key in the keymap editor doesn’t work if the key is only disabled. [#90893]
  • GP/Annotation UI: Wrong icon and behaviour in the wrong regions. [#88617]
  • Grease Pencil merge down layer duplicates wrong frame. [#104371]
  • Fix build error in libc_compat when using musl libc. [5d8fd91d790]
  • GLibC Compat: Add deprecated memory hooks symbols removed from 2.34. [db00b50ac70]
  • Fix compilation on Linux, glibc 2.34, and CentOS libraries. [d730280c026]

LTS Release 2.93.14

  • Regression: Incorrect icon displaying of Weighted Normal modifier in the outliner. [T102993]
  • Different texture direction for box projection mode in OSL. [T103615]
  • Modifier tools don’t support greasepencil modifiers. [T103455]

LTS Release 2.93.13

  • Clicking on Favourites will rename them. [T89515]

LTS Release 2.93.12

  • Pose bone ID property driver causes dependency cycle. [T87039]
  • Cycles Render Light Paths. [T89199]
  • Color indicating animation status missing from many icon buttons (all defined with emboss=False). [T89350]
  • mathutils.geometry.intersect_line_line does not behave consistently for 2D vectors on Linux. [T101591]
  • Walk mode: when you press space button too fast, gravity disables. [T99997]
  • Node color is different from color panel. [T99603]
  • File Browser: Move Bookmark buttons malfunction if no item is selected. [T102014]
  • ColorRamp Keyframes crash Blender. [T85870]
  • Properties Editor Attribute panels errors when pinning mesh. [T102045]
  • audaspace: Fix build error with MSVC 17.4+. [rBac7b4855bd9]
  • There is no “Knife” tool in the menu. [T102187]
  • UV editor: missing UV outlines in texture paint mode. [T100926]
  • No Camera Found in Scene – Not True. [T102514]
  • Fix: greasepencil selection of entire_strokes not working. [rB9a537b63a5a]
  • Grease Pencil: Brush cursors not shown if the file is opened with sculpt/vertex-/weightpaint mode. [T102685]
  • Fix: missing greasepencil hook modifier relationship lines. [rB1f30e7c183c]

LTS Release 2.93.11

  • GPencil strokes cannot be edited after set origin. [T99979]
  • Regression: Crash on toggling display mode of wave modifier in edit mode. [T100191]
  • Regression: Surface Deform Modifier does not display correctly in Edit Mode while a Vertex Group is assigned to the Modifier. [T100578]
  • Sync markers option doesn’t work when sliding keyframes with a keyboard entry. [T100851]
  • Curve tools: Crash on undo operation. [T93189]
  • Apply transform fails to clear delta transform values. [T99070]
  • Apply object transform fails with delta quaternion rotation. [T100606]
  • UV editor: Console warning when hovered over tools. [T101138]
  • EEVEE: Screen Space Refraction Artefacts when the viewport is narrow and non square. [T101034]
  • Moving bone to another layer doesn’t trigger a depsgraph update. [T101046]
  • Blender 3.2.1 – Animation on nodes gets bugged out when dealing with Node Groups (duplicate node names). [T101109]
  • GPencil: framechanging does not evaluate keyframed layer transform correctly (if this would result in identity matrix). [T101164]
  • UI Animation Render: Attribute error when running in background. [T101239]

LTS Release 2.93.10


LTS Release 2.93.9

  • Cleanup: Avoid possible NULL pointer error. [rBdf5da16aa11]
  • Spline calc_length() crashes for NURBS curves with only a single point. [T95137]
  • Cleanup: use an intermediate value for cast_primitive_type. [rB05f631b7ad6]
  • Fix dna_genfile error converting signed int types to floating point. [rB87b77a97b94]
  • Blender Crashes to Desktop when viewing thumbnail of a certain HDRI. [T89542]
  • Keying sets for armatures in library overrides break if unrelated objects are changed in source file. [T95601]
  • Texture paint: Apply Camera Image crash when selecting a image. [T95787]
  • Fix broken shapekeys: check for ‘NULL’ `from` pointer too. [rBfc56ef5f970]
  • Magic UV: Pass correct argument for operator identifier. [rBAa99ece99]
  • Node Preset Addon crashes when used with Geometry Nodes. [T90845]
  • generator modifier : factorized polynomial don’t work properly. [T96195]
  • Fix memory leak evaluating PyDrivers. [rBc3fed26f376]
  • Workbench screnspace cavity not rendered in batch through command line. [T96243]
  • GPU: Allow the user to set an anisotropic filtering setting below the implementation-defined value of `GL_MAX_TEXTURE_MAX_ANISOTROPY_EXT`. [rB3dc36b32a1e]
  • Regression: NLA crash when reordering tracks if no object is selected. [T96624]
  • Gpencil: Inverted Fill makes extra stroke at origin (0,0,0). [T96790]
  • Baked particles dont render in final frame. [T68290]
  • Adjust Last Operation panel is slow (some Undo/Redo happening?). [T85756]
  • Node mask selection does not take in consideration the parenting with the markers. [T97135]
  • Mask transform center doesn’t take parent Track into account. [T85467]

LTS Release 2.93.8

  • Fix Cycles AVX test failure with x86_64 build running on Arm. [rBdeca1be48077f9f12a2047817616758e0affd3e5]
  • Fix/workaround macOS Rosetta crash running Cycles AVX tests. [rB2926f10ffe020a010fca3a6b9b735f475a9e2d9f]
  • 3d cursor crash when using shortcut. [T94109]
  • VSE: Scene strip doesn’t play audio. [T91012]
  • Python error when trying to add Grease Pencil brush preset. [T94375]
  • Shading/Normals break on array modifier caps. [T94422]
  • Grease Pencil Blur Effect “Use Depth of Field” visible in cameras NOT using DoF. [T94262]
  • Removing an image used for camera background from python console crashes blender. [T94544]
  • Grease Pencil Automerge icon doesn’t light up/turn off when toggled with a keypress. [T94366]
  • Mirror clipping is not properly placed in sculpt mode. [T94564]
  • bpy.types.SpaceSpreadsheet.draw_handler_add – TypeError: unknown space type ‘SpaceSpreadsheet’. [T94685]
  • Crash: Smooth brush in Surface mode with Anchored Stroke Method. [T94635]
  • GPencil: Eraser-Stroke doesn’t erase on end-point. [T94137]
  • hair disconnect/reconnect not working with modifiers. [T54488]
  • Fix: connecting hair fails on meshes with no generative modifiers. [rBe38a0eea5c9]
  • Out-of-bounds memory access in IMB_flipy() due to large image dimensions. [T94629]
  • Heap Buffer Overflow when viewing dds thumbnails in the file browser. [T86952]
  • Out-of-bounds memory access due to malformed DDS image file. [T94661]
  • Fix `PSYS_GLOBAL_HAIR` stripped even if connecting the hair fails. [rB66346a6852e]
  • Cycles: motion blur only applies on Left view. [T93995]
  • Autosplit Output gives unexepected results. [T91005]
  • Video Sequencer Preview with Prefetch Frames crashes inside Meta Strip. [T94768]
  • Grease Pencil Strokes drawn at 0.0 Strength still visible. [T94799]
  • Fix crash caused by exception in Python gizmo target get handler. [rBcaf362422e4]
  • GPencil: Copying keys doesn’t preserve Keyframe Type. [T94903]
  • Grease Pencil Drawing don’t Update after paste. [T94089]
  • Tilt works strangely in a poly curve (or other type with U resolution of 1) with only two control points. [T94837]
  • Boolean Apply Clearing custom data layers (bevel weight Weight / Vgroup Data). [T94197]

LTS Release 2.93.7

  • macOS Catalina 10.15.7: Eevee crash with Intel HD 4000. [T92090]
  • Fix potential crash opening 3.0 blend files in older versions. [rB1d8d6c2f62bf0ee]
  • GPencil: Speed up Occlude Eraser. [rB4796865b466]
  • Crash erasing GPencil when occlusion test is enabled. [T92760]
  • “Flat Caps” on Cutter tool not working if cut is made in the middle of the stroke. [T93074]
  • Alembic export ignores Mantaflow particles (liquid, spray, foam, bubbles). [T93066]
  • Mixdown crashes Blender 2.92.0 and 3.0.0 Alpha. [T88614]
  • UV Maps are broken with Boolean Modifier (Fast Solver). [T92384]
  • Eevee instant crash with a custom node from template example. [T89260]
  • Channels in the Grease Pencil Dope Sheet still visible while collection is hidden. [T93194]
  • Frame Selected does not work in Grease Pencil Curve Edit Mode. [T93198]
  • Cannot animate Object Info Color in Cycles with Persistent Data ticked. [T93007]
  • FBX Import error (enum with -1 value — e.g. as done by the babylonjs exporter from 3dsmax). [T81657]
  • FBX export error if there is an action in NLA tweakmode. [T93209]
  • Freestyle NPR: Unknown curve blend type Crash. [T93320]
  • Freestyle: Sinus Displacement Division by Zero Crash. [T93322]
  • Curve Guide force field causes crash. [T93338]
  • Texture paint: crash when painting with clone brush. [T93117]
  • View/Frame Selected (Vertex Paint mode) not working. [T93130]
  • Freestyle seed in noise modifier can be zero (leading to crash). [T89081]
  • Rotation Chooses Wrong Axis. [T93290]
  • Magic UV: Remove online updater. [rBA69c817b8]
  • Curve based rig broken since 2.93. [T89564]
  • Reload Library Override file loses Constraints. [T93353]
  • Subdividing with overlapping tri and quad crashes Blender. [T93563]
  • Relax/Push Pose operator not working on quaternion rotation. [T92043]
  • LineArt: Shifting fix for different camera fitting. [rBd23303e27d75cef439755c8bc193128affab568a]
  • Node Wrangler – Principled Texture Setup error (with Relative Path option and blendfile and textures are on different drives). [T77022]

LTS Release 2.93.6

  • Failed assert when dragging object data-block into 3D View. [T87703]
  • Can’t duplicate or copy (Ctrl-C) object from linked file. [T90840]
  • arm64: Viewport and Timeline jump large distances when scrolling the pointer off screen using Shift-Middle Mouse. [T88386]
  • Cycles render artefacts with motion blur turned on. [T91728]
  • VSE: Implement sanity check for files with more channels than supported. [rBaaa85ad2e0f]
  • Some Editors (e.g. Outliner) can be synced with animation editor (‘Sync visible Range’). [T91237]
  • Crash in sculpt mode using “Smooth” brush and tab with tablet stylus. [T89164]
  • [GPUOffscreen] draw_view3d doesn’t apply color management settings. [T84227]
  • Cycles – Rendering on a Nvidia A100 crashes/fails on Google Colab. [T91879]
  • Fix LLVM 12 symbol conflict with Mesa drivers, after recent Linux libs update. [rBd3f04702890]
  • GPencil: Memory leak removing stroke from python. [T92185]
  • Camera BG jitter offset (regression). [T91398]
  • EEVEE: Specular BSDF incompatible with Shader to RGB when SSR is active. [T88766]
  • Fix missing null-terminator in BLI_string_join_arrayN. [rB554b1b1663a]
  • Blender crashes after selecting any object in outliner hierarchy (using statistics overlay). [T92246]
  • Auto naming of the Vertex Group doesn’t work for Grease Pencil. [T92314]
  • Clicking in Library Overrides Outliner triggers crash in this file. [T92265]
  • Crash to desktop with boolean modifier. [T90818]
  • Crash when calling delete to an empty space with an unselected layer in the outliner. [T91411]
  • Remesh-bug.crash. [T92355]
  • 2.93: Crash on system with a non-English locale. [T88877]
  • Blender LTS: Maintenance Task 2.93. [T88449]
  • Image Editor doesn’t display stereoscopic images. [T92608]
  • LibOverride: Fix crash in ShapeKeys when making a mesh override local. [rB9a290dd657]
  • Fix missing proper ‘make local’ call for liboverrides from outliner. [rB9a80455d8774d6b]
  • Appending crashes. [T89516]
  • Bones in transformed armatures (rotation and scale) don’t scale properly to cursor. [T92515]
  • Blender 3.0 – Planar Track – Only half of the image appears in the MovieClip Editor. [T92807]

LTS Release 2.93.5

  • Crash selecting 3D tracking marker. [T90651]
  • Image Editor not sampling color from the the currently selected pass. [T90772]
  • PulseAudio breaks animation playback in new scene (no imported sound involved) LTS backport, 3.0 is fine. [T90887]
  • Blender popup windows open on the wrong screen. [T90752]
  • Fix buffer size mismatch in SCRIPT_OT_python_file_run. [rB515bdda3d9c]
  • Fix invalid mask use for the UV-project modifier. [rB969d6d3a0ff]
  • Fix “Text to Object” creating invisible object. [rB933c6b7d8a3]
  • Fix T88909: Win32 getTitle() UTF8 Support. [rBd6facd44b53]
  • Fix error scaling thumbnails to zero dimensions. [rB16637e7ff40]
  • Audio causes issues with Playback when PC put to Sleep, Hibernate or when Screensaver appears. [T88887]
  • GPencil Time Offset Modifier together with Armature Modifier or/and Lattice Modifier broken in 2.93.3. [T91060]
  • Grease Pencil: Adding driver in Transform doesn’t behave as expected during playback. [T88433]
  • GPencil: Sculpt Smooth Brush is using Affect Pressure but is not used internally. [T91159]
  • Loop Tools Relax. [T90600]
  • Text “Scale to Fit” no longer working properly since 2.93.4. [T91401]
  • Fix memory leak if an error occurred assigning id-property sequence. [rBec448d5a6ac]
  • Bisect straight line gesture features dont work (“Flip” / “Snap” option). [T91320]
  • Workbench doesn’t respect GP simplify options when rendering. [T91448]
  • GPencil: Scripting weight_get and Vertex Groups not working at expected with several groups. [T91511]
  • GPencil: Interpolate Sequence crash and quit. [T91534]
  • Eevee ambient occlusion is incorrect on M1 macMini. [T87801]
  • Intel HD graphics: Changing Roughness Value to 0 causes mesh to be black. [T88754]
  • VSE playback periodically refuses to work (Pulseaudio, OpenAL seems fine). [T89045]
  • GPencil: Tint modifier “apply” removes the effect. [T91607]
  • Texture Paint Stencil doesn’t use assigned UV Layer. [T91557]
  • Fix default surface resolution U/V mis-match. [rB4528c9a357a]
  • Fix ‘WM_window_find_under_cursor’. [rB1ff10bb6d18]
  • Fix building without audaspace. [rBaf42086e743]

LTS Release 2.93.4

  • VSE: Flush audio encode after finishing video export. [rB85c08c9717b]
  • FFMPEG: Fix building with older versions that need FFMPEG_USE_DURATION_WORKAROUND. [rB7ec351c0d53]
  • VSE: Fix “off by one” error when encoding audio. [rB9511009438d]
  • VSE: Fix memory leak when adding bad image/movie strips. [rB54a821e8fd7]
  • VSE: Fix video strip duration calculation. [rBd486d248687]
  • VSE: Fix seeking issues. [rB00dd68405d8]
  • VSE: Fix audaspace not reading ffmpeg files with start offset correctly. [rB489df7ac88c]
  • VSE: Use lines to draw waveform. [rBc634d859b21]
  • M2T video seeking is broken. [T87967]
  • Add sanity NULL checks when loading sound sequences. [rB1a4122d4415]
  • wrong address to get boost libraries in /build_files/build_environment/ [T90719]
  • Effect Strip added to a nested Metastrip gets duplicate name (thus inherits fcurves from other Strips). [T90737]
  • Memorie spike shrink-wrap and geometry nodes. [T89429]
  • Fix: DNA struct alignment on 32 bit. [rB9fb9bf59967]
  • Makesdna: Fix detecting 32 bit padding issues. [rB70df9119f46]
  • Fix FTBFS on mips64el architecture. [rB9d94b358ca1]
  • Fix memory leak with building springs in the cloth simulator. [rB20f04ce62af]
  • Knife project leaks memory each time a text, curve, or surface object is used for cutting. [T90791]
  • Grease Pencil layer transformations ignored by select tool. [T90690]
  • Fix memory leak in edit-mesh dissolve degenerate. [rBe1e2abd4bf0]
  • Scale to Fit overflows into a second line. [T89241]
  • Memory leak after importing a model/ toggling shading workspace. [T88033]
  • ASAN: Trying to Undo a knife-project operation causes heap-use-after-free failure. [T90493]
  • blender 2.93.1 fails to build with python 3.10.0b4 (upcoming python 3.10). [T89931]
  • Incorrect result of Vector Projection (Geometry Nodes -> Attribute Vector Math). [T90567]
  • Grease Pencil Reproject Strokes on surfaces from a camera’s point of view is incorrectly placing the strokes on the Back Faces when canvas is intersecting the object. [T89101]
  • Something in Blender can generate invalid (Nan) values in UVMaps. [T79775]
  • Blender Crashing when opening file. [T89805]
  • bpy.types.Object.parent_bone not reset when clearing a bone parent. [T88498]
  • UI bugs in NLA Editor and Action Editor. [T87681]
  • Animation channels widgets (graph, action, NLA, *dopesheet*) block input for the search channel, and invert search toggle. [T90364]

LTS Release 2.93.3

  • Cursor vertex snapping not working in UV editor. [T90477]
  • Fix invalid index use for edit-mesh laplacian smooth. [rB4d7f10d6143]
  • Fix slicing with negative indices. [rBe862874606b]
  • Slicing certain BMEditSelSeq objects crashes Blender. [T89450]
  • Fix broken logic in Windows directory query function. [rBa1b687c7a4a]
  • font loading creates duplicate ID names. [T90417]
  • Separate by loose parts weird result. [T85436]
  • Edit mode. Spin tool. Spin center is always on 3d-cursor despite pivot selection. [T86030]
  • Fix memory leaks in Python gizmo get/set handlers. [rB2be2aeaf0a5]
  • Fix gpu.types.GPUTexture crash when the size argument was too big. [rBbc627fbf657]
  • Fix memory leak with Python RNA property get callback errors. [rBa818ad5a549]
  • LineArt: Occlusion accuracy fix. [rB69edb9c7d96]
  • BlenderKit: fetch user’s ratings from server. [rBA6a81558b]
  • BlenderKit: improve ratings UI. [rBA78a5ae9b]
  • GPencil: Dopesheet channel box selection is offset. [T89952]
  • Very slow performance when copying rigid body physics. [T76356]
  • Hair particles duplication with duplicate settings enabled copies all the particles instead of one selected. [T83317]
  • can connect one output to a multi-input many times; access violation occurs when disconnecting. [T89416]
  • UI: Output Metadata: Strip Name no long accessible. [T78469]
  • Driver Editor not updated in real-time (blender >= 2.90). [T87041]
  • Crash after Instancing to Scene after making linked Collection local. [T89835]
  • Spline IK `joint_bindings` parameter is broken. [T83164]

LTS Release 2.93.2

  • Line Art Bug FIx: stroke default in-front should be on. [rB9e64fd461ac3fa05e4ae780ee3a9f41b18c7c216]
  • Follow Path for empty works only in negative values. [T89153]
  • Align Orientation to Target keeps rotation when toggled. [T89571]
  • `bpy.ops.screen.screen_full_area()` resets certain fields of the context. [T89526]
  • Fix edit-mesh random select regression in random seed use. [rB27e32652679]
  • Use-after-free when tabbing through numeric inputs. [T89265]
  • Fix invalid polygon normal array access building bake data. [rB32658bb5c9f]
  • Select Similar Face Regions triggers AddressSanitizer crash. [T89247]
  • Undefined Geometry nodes cause a crash when connected to a Group Output node. [T89004]
  • Set Origin missing from Text object in 2.93. [T88808]
  • Fix: Crash Requesting GPU_SHADER_GPENCIL_FILL builtin shader. [rB3c6a981fd98]
  • Viewport Render Preview glitching with Eevee Render Engine. [T89405]
  • Cleanup: Remove deprecated variables and functions calls from our ffmpeg code. [rBf522e8db228]
  • Fix T87932: Failure to build movie strip proxy. [rBfe4cbe62dff]
  • Make encoded video fps correct with ffmpeg < 4.4. [rB14308b0a5ef]
  • Fix T88623, T87044: Make encoded videos play correctly in VLC. [rB19c0666d408]
  • FFmpeg: Update proxy settings. [rB00ffe028200]
  • Fix T57397: Movies are blurred after sws_scale. [rB13ab6b7bb60]
  • FFmpeg: Fix seeking not returning the correct frame when not using TC index. [rB7eb3e77b94f]
  • Fix: Wrong logic for checking if we can reuse decoded frame. [rB02a6be54432]
  • Fix: Prevent small memory leak in VSE indexer. [rBcea80f1add5]
  • Fix: VSE timecodes being used even when turned off. [rBa68f5456e48]
  • Fix: VSE indexer seeking not working correctly. [rB7616f4ae577]
  • Fix: VSE search in mpegts files would fail. [rB444a8cbc2fd]
  • Fix: VSE seeking with proxy strips would fail on certain frames. [rBbec8e436a1c]
  • UI: Collection tab should hide when scene master collection is active. [T89422]
  • Blender crash when showing thumbnail of a strongly skewed .exr image. [T89868]
  • Fix T89861: Checking face selection breaks UV stitch operator. [rB062764d5d01]
  • Fix T70356: Scaling up 1×1 pixel image reads past buffer bounds. [rB41bd164e4c7]
  • Fix object “Set Origin” operating on linked library data. [rB5d1ef0efd01]
  • BlenderKit: draw categories in asset card. [rBA0d880d12]
  • BlenderKit: many post-release fixes. [rBA526557bb]
  • BlenderKit: fix category display. [rBA29db4b5f]
  • BlenderKit: fix an error when trying to assign material to unsupported object type. [rBAae7be84e]
  • Alembic export not respecting the renderable flag. [T89594]
  • Alembic export: evaluation mode option. [rB7b94e7cca49]
  • TGA Images with any alpha value smaller than one behaves unexpected. [T89034]
  • Collection user counts are set to `1` on file load. Boolean modifier orphans Collections. [T89765]
  • Round end-caps on Freestyle lines not working properly. [T88015]
  • Crash when baking to vertex colors while “Normals-> Auto Smooth” is enabled. [T88756]
  • Crash when using Cycles preview or render – custom data layer / auto smooth. [T89455]
  • Crash when editing a Collection Instance referenced by Line Art object. [T89838]
  • [2.93.2] Geometry nodes: wrongly detected “Node group has unidentified nodes or sockets” error. [T89851]
  • Persistent data, motion blur, and geometry displacement results in glitchy meshes during rendering. [T89736]
  • adding a custom AOV doesn’t show the output on the compositors render layer node. [T89981]
  • Geometry Nodes: ‘New’ Button tries to create node_tree on active modifier, rather than button context. [T89982]
  • Py API: `` incorrect argument parsing. [T89733]
  • Drawing with make line tool in an empty scene results crash. [T89724]
  • It can’t snap vertices when using community addon ‘Snap_Utilities_Line’. [T89812]
  • Blender File View – can’t type space while holding shift key. [T85517]
  • Separating meshes by material makes render passes in cycles stuck in 1/64. [T89884]

LTS Release 2.93.1

  • __file__ not set during `.as_module()`. [T88899]
  • Fix buffer overrun in paint_line_strokes_spacing. [rBcc5392b4d93]
  • Skin Modifier asserts on invalid normals. [T88111]
  • Mantaflow inflow with shapekeys is not working anymore (regression). [T88566]
  • Mantaflow problem with geometry nodes. [T88531]
  • UV Editor Hide Selected not working on multiple selection. [T88625]
  • Cryptomatte: EXR sequence does not update when scrubbing the timeline. [T88666]
  • Cryptomatte only works for the first View Layer. [T88567]
  • EEVEE: AOVs not same as cycles. [rBe1d2485fd32]
  • TBBMalloc_proxy is failing on windows 10. [T88813]
  • ChromeOS: Black screen/window on startup:. [T77651]
  • When selected a texture in the Properties panel shows another texture in the 3D Viewport. [T88788]
  • LineArt: Fix edge clipping index error. [rB57301121747]
  • Grease Pencil Line Art Modifier – Incorrect baking with camera markers. [T88464]
  • Fix outdated face tessellation use when editing edit-mesh coodinates. [rBb4a81d80537]
  • Fix image space missing mask display panel. [rBb61f4fd8da3]
  • Fix modifier deform by armature check ignoring virtual modifiers. [rBbc648018571]
  • Bmesh: removed deform parameter of from_object still in PyDoc. [T89013]
  • VSE shading mode ignores Grease Pencil Vertex colors. [T86956]

LTS Release 2.93.0