It’s a Keeper

Initially released in June 2021, Blender 2.93 LTS will get continued support and fixes until June 2023.

Automatic Updates

Getting Blender 2.93 LTS from the following stores will update automatically, scroll down for regular links.

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Notes for Steam: You can find Blender 2.93 LTS under 2.93lts branch. Switch by right-clicking on the Blender entry in your library, select Properties..., open the Betas tab and select the 2.93lts program.


LTS Release 2.93.1

  • __file__ not set during `.as_module()`. [T88899]
  • Fix buffer overrun in paint_line_strokes_spacing. [rBcc5392b4d93]
  • Skin Modifier asserts on invalid normals. [T88111]
  • Mantaflow inflow with shapekeys is not working anymore (regression). [T88566]
  • Mantaflow problem with geometry nodes. [T88531]
  • UV Editor Hide Selected not working on multiple selection. [T88625]
  • Cryptomatte: EXR sequence does not update when scrubbing the timeline. [T88666]
  • Cryptomatte only works for the first View Layer. [T88567]
  • EEVEE: AOVs not same as cycles. [rBe1d2485fd32]
  • TBBMalloc_proxy is failing on windows 10. [T88813]
  • ChromeOS: Black screen/window on startup:. [T77651]
  • When selected a texture in the Properties panel shows another texture in the 3D Viewport. [T88788]
  • LineArt: Fix edge clipping index error. [rB57301121747]
  • Grease Pencil Line Art Modifier – Incorrect baking with camera markers. [T88464]
  • Fix outdated face tessellation use when editing edit-mesh coodinates. [rBb4a81d80537]
  • Fix image space missing mask display panel. [rBb61f4fd8da3]
  • Fix modifier deform by armature check ignoring virtual modifiers. [rBbc648018571]
  • Bmesh: removed deform parameter of from_object still in PyDoc. [T89013]
  • VSE shading mode ignores Grease Pencil Vertex colors. [T86956]

LTS Release 2.93.0