Multi-View and Stereo 3D
  • Real-time visualization of stereoscopic effect
  • Viewport feedback of stereoscopy cameras, convergence and volumes
  • Camera stereo settings (pivot, convergence, …)
  • Render of multiple views
  • Integration with Compositor and Video Sequencer
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Cycles Rendering
  • Initial support for rendering with AMD GPUs was added
  • New Light Portals for improving environment light sampling were added
  • Several Performance and Memory optimizations
  • Animated Seed is now a built-in feature
  • Panorama: New Mirror Ball projection mode
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User Interface


  • Depth of Field got an option for high quality display

File Browser:

  • Ability to display font previews
  • The size for thumbnails can now be changed


  • Search buttons for choosing an object now display an eyedropper icon
  • Opening/Closing multiple panels is now possible by click-dragging over them
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  • A new Corrective Smooth modifier for smoothing deformed areas
  • Decimate modifier was improved
  • Great performance boost for Metaball calculations


  • New split off options for the Rip Tool
  • Un-clamped Edge Slide sliding
  • More even Subdivide Smooth output


  • Checker de-select now has the option to skip steps
  • Improved Select Linked options and support
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  • Symmetry painting support for texture painting in 3D viewport
  • Dynamic topology distribution was greatly improved
  • New dynamic topology detail mode
  • Improved crease brush
  • And more!
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  • A new “Use Placeholder” option that automatically replaces missing frames of image sequences


  • Support for storing multiple proxies one custom directory
  • Option to store proxies per strip or per project
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  • The new Dependency Graph has landed! (Disabled by default) This is the base needed for developing loads of neat features in the future
  • Action Management: New features and updates to flesh out the planned workflow enhancements
  • Action Editor: New features for unlinking Actions and to prevent unwanted/unintentional loss of data
  • NLA: Name based filtering of animation channels
  • Grease Pencil:  Quite a few “minor” Grease Pencil improvements
  • Rigging: A new “Armature Symmetrize” and a “Fill Bones” tool were added
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Game Engine
  • New hysteresis parameter for smoother transitions between LODs
  • Material and World mist attributes now support animation
  • Debug drawing of Sun Lamps shadow range
  • Improved collision masks and groups
  • Replication of rigid body joint constraints for group instances
  • Python API improvements with subclassing, new options and methods
  • Over 40 bug fixes (see list).
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  • A new “UI Previews” API for requesting and displaying image files in the UI as custom icons
  • The “Add Mesh Extra Objects” add-on got a big update
  • The Collada exporter can now export custom normals
  • The Python executable is now included with official Blender releases to support multi-threaded script access (better)

Node Wrangler:

  • Rewritten ‘Align Nodes’ function
  • Nodes are now spaced evenly and consistently
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More Features
  • OpenEXR format: added support for saving to Dreamworks DWA format and B44 codec
  • Simplify: We can now split settings for Viewport & Render individually

Better Image metadata support and display:

  • Blender now will always attach metadata on output rendered image files
  • This metadata can now be displayed in Image Editor, Sequencer and Movie Clip Editor without having to influence the rendered image by using the “Stamp” feature
  • The “Stamp” feature is now an option for metadata display
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Feature Videos

Have a look at some of the above mentioned features in the demo videos made by the Blender community. Here you will also find the Developer Sneak Peak series – a video podcast series that showcases important milestones in the development of every Blender release.

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Bug Fixes

As for every Blender release, hundreds of bugs were fixed, thanks to the hardworking Blender developers.


The Baking-API now uses an object_id in the bake() function and in the pixel_array table.

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